October 28th, 2012


Heron in Hartford

[heron in the dark]

Friday night Alice and I went wandering in the park by the state capitol in Hartford. We saw the huge oak tree, heard some seasonally scary squirrel sounds, and the sound of a block party playing hits from Thriller to Gangnam Style wafting over the downtown area. Eventually we walked up to a pond, and in the middle of the pond we saw...

- An abstract metal sculpture that from one angle looked like it was supposed to look like a swan without actually looking like a swan, and from another angle looked a bit like a gingko leave.

- A circular fountain.

- A small brass pedestal with a small brass heron-like bird statue, in the middle of the pond a little past the fountain.

It looked realistic enough that I looked twice, then said to Alice, "that's not a real bird right?" to which she responded "of course not" or something like that, which was the response I expected. Then it moved its neck.

My compact camera at first seemed not up to the task of getting a good photo of it in the night, but I experimented with some features of this camera I hadn't tried before, and managed to get some good 8-second exposures. No tripod, but timer delay late me rest it strategically on the stones on the edge of the lake, which worked just as well. Fortunately the heron posed very patiently, shifting position only every minute or so.

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