April 17th, 2012


End Word

In Death to Word: It's time to give up on Microsoft's word processor [Slate magazine], the author writes,
    "Like the fax machine, Word was designed to put things on paper. It was a tool of the desktop-publishing revolution [...] For most people now, though, publishing means putting things on the Web. Desktop publishing has given way to laptop or smartphone publishing. And Microsoft Word is an atrocious tool for Web writing."

In 2005, 2006, 2007, I used to make a little bit of money on the side by making web sites for political campaigns. Which meant they'd email me the text they wanted for some of the pages. Asking them not to send me Word had a low success rate.

Eventually, I raised my rates by about 10%, and offered a discount of the exact same amount I'd raised my rates by, if they agreed to never send me any Microsoft Word files. That worked, and made my work so much more pleasant!

If only I could've rid the net of Internet Explorer 6 back then, too.