March 22nd, 2012


Republicans, gas prices, and Iran

Republican candidates are harping about high gas prices on one hand, and calling for war with Iran on the other.

Maybe these Republican presidential candidates now what they're doing, and are pushing war talk to raise gas prices to give them a campaign issue. Maybe they're too stupid to figure it out. Maybe they actually believe what they're saying about drilling being the solution (though that's false). Maybe they just don't care, as long as they have an excuse to push for more profits for oil companies while criticizing Obama.

But regardless of their beliefs or motivations, the fact is that these Republicans are more responsible for the high gas prices they're criticizing, than Obama's administration is. And they're the ones who can actually do something about it: If they all agreed to calm down about Iran, and made a joint public statement about it, gas prices probably would drop a little.

I find it frustrating that this contradiction isn't being pointed out in the press or public debate about the presidential campaign. So I posted this on reddit. Please upvote.