April 8th, 2011


Passim, and Bent Wit

Tuesday I saw James Keelaghan with notadoor and had a good time. A couple more shows are coming up next week at Passim that I may go to.

See my last post for more about them, and click any you might wanna come to?
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Locals: Are you interested in going to any of these?

Tue, Apr 5 - James Keelaghan
Mon, Apr 11 - Celtic music and contra dancing
Fri, Apr 15 - Jake Armerding
Fri, Apr 29 - Nields

... and what I didn't post about is that this Sunday evening, Bent Wit Cabaret is back! It was a one year run of once a month, with the last one in November, but they said they might do more shows occasionally, and this is the first one of those.

Bent Wit is... part burlesque, part theater, part variety show, and really really well put together! Hosted by Mary Dolan who you may know from the Slutcracker, and produced by Karin and Jill of All The Kings Men, with the Elephant Tango Ensemble as the house band (which features both members of Goli!). Here's a video I made of a bunch of clips from Bent Wit Cabaret: Apocalypse last fall:

And here are some scenes from Bent Wit Cabaret: Identity last summer.

This weekend, it's Bent Wit Cabaret: Obsession
Sunday, April 10th, 8:00pm,
Club Oberon, 2 Arrow Street @ Mass Ave near Harvard Square, Cambridge.