April 2nd, 2011


Passim April shows

Some shows coming up at Club Passim I may go to:
  • Tue, Apr 5, 8pm: James Keelaghan

  • I'm gonna miss Girlyman on Apr 6 & 7, and both nights are sold out anyway

  • Sun, Apr 10, 8pm: I'm gonna miss We're About 9 because the first Bent Wit Cabaret since November is that night.

  • Mon, Apr 11, 8pm: BCMFest Celtic Music Monday "BIDAwhile: Contra and Celtic"

  • Fri, Apr 15, 8pm: Jake Armerding

  • Fri, Apr 29, 7pm: The Nields*

* I'm definitely going to the Nields and already got tickets.

James Keelaghan is a brilliant songwriter from western Canada with a really nice voice. If you've listened to the Cry, Cry, Cry album that Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky, and Richard Shindell recorded together, then you've heard James Keelaghan's Cold Missouri Waters about firefighters in Montana. He's one of my favorite songwriters, along with people like Aimee Mann and Richard Shindell, but sadly most of my friends don't know his music (except the one Cry Cry Cry covered), so here's a chance to fix that.

Jake Armerding is the fiddler son of Northern Lights founder Taylor Armerding, and when Jake was a teen he performed with Northern Lights. I remember the first time I saw him get on stage with them, at the Somerville Theatre when he was 14, and knowing from the first tune that I was going to follow his musical career for a long time. In his 20s he started touring and recording with a folk band of his own, playing guitar and some fiddle and singing, as well as doing some duo bluegrass gigs with his dad. Last year he started a new project, The Fretful Porcupine, "brewing finely crafted roots chamber music made of saxophones, wires, and wood." - here's a video.

I probably haven't seen The Nields live 100 times yet, but I aim to. They're very very good at the whole doing a live performance thing, kinda like musicians who started out as successful buskers like Jason Webley and moxy früvous, even though they didn't - but they did seem to improve their performance skills a lot when they were touring often with früvous in the late 90s, including the habit of substituting in bits of new lyrics at different shows, and occasionally making up songbits on the fly in between the banter. I'd go see them sometimes for two nights in a row, two shows a night, and see four completely different shows.

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Tue, Apr 5 - James Keelaghan
Mon, Apr 11 - Celtic music and contra dancing
Fri, Apr 15 - Jake Armerding
Fri, Apr 29 - Nields