December 15th, 2010


More jobs at ITA - Come work with me.

Since I last posted this summer, we hired a few people, including a couple in my department. But we're looking to hire some more, and I'm told ITA is going to run those ads on the T again starting in about a month. We'll probably get a bunch of applications then, but if you apply now you can come in ahead of them (though you likely won't get a response 'til after new years because lots of people are taking vacation in the last two weeks of December).

The job posting link from before is still good if you want to join Reservation Operations (my department), where we have at least one more opening. There are also various other openings around ITA. When you apply, for "How were you referred to ITA?" select "Employee Referral" and then put my name in the "other details" field ("cos" is fine, HR knows who that is) and either email me or comment here to let me know.

P.S. Google and ITA signed an agreement this summer for Google to buy ITA. It's all agreed on as far as the two companies are concerned, but can't happen until the government approves it. We don't know when that will happen. For the time being, ITA is not part of Google. When/if the government approves the deal, ITA will become part of Google.