October 22nd, 2010


US Senate - the anti-incumbency state

There's a state in the US where, since the 1960s, only one US Senator has been re-elected. He got re-elected several times, and was quite notorious in his day, so you might've heard of him, but he's been gone for a while now*. Do you know which state (and which Senator they did re-elect)?

Or, do you have a guess? If so, leave a comment before you Google or read other comments, I'm curious.

* edit: "a while" means more than just a couple of years :) Long enough that we already know his successor served only one term.

Edit2: To clarify, that one Senator they re-elected a few times was the exception - this state's pattern has been to not re-elect Senators. From 1970 - present, no Senator in this state except that one exception, has been elected more than once (or elected even once, if they were already serving due to being first elected before 1970).