September 13th, 2010


Massachusetts primary tomorrow - my picks

Last week I posted about the statewide races in the Democratic primary. Summary:
  • Guy Glodis, running for Auditor, is a bigot and a sleaze.

  • Of the other two, I like Suzanne Bump more than Mike Lake, though I think both are good. Bump also seems to have a much better chance of winning, so vote for her to beat Glodis.

  • For Treasurer, Steve Grossman - who I've met in person, who got good endorsements, and who's going to focus on transparency and getting state financial information online.

I also care about, or have opinions on, some other Democratic primary races around the state:
  • Please volunteer for Mac D'Alessandro tomorrow! That's where I'll be. He's challening incumbent Stephen Lynch, who's anti-choice, supported the Iraq war & the Patriot Act, voted to intervene with Terry Schiavo, and was the only US Rep from New England to vote against health care reform. Mac disagrees with him on all of these things.

  • State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz of Boston, a friend and one of the best legislators in the state, has a primary challenger. We need more of her in the Senate, not fewer.

  • In the funny-shaped district that covers parts of Allston/Brighton, Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, and the north shore, in the rematch between DiDomenico & Flaherty, I prefer Tim Flaherty. DiDomenico campaigned on how well connected he is, evaded stating his positions, and gave me a bad impression.

  • I hadn't much followed the Malden/Melrose/Stoneham/Wakefield/etc. state senate race, but it turns out several friends I've been on other campaigns with, are working or volunteering for Mike Day's campaign. So consider this an indirect recommendation (me trusting their collective judgement because they've got good records of picking good candidates).

  • I've tried, and failed, to find out much about the candidates for Governor's Council in the 6th district. But I have gotten several reports from people who saw or met Terrence Kennedy campaigning, and liked him, and he's got a web site telling us a bit about him. His opponent doesn't seem to have one, and I haven't heard of anyone seeing her campaigning.