September 9th, 2010


Massachusetts primary election on Tuesday

If you live in Massachusetts you may not have heard much about the election this Tuesday, September 14th. We have only two contested statewide races: Treasurer and Auditor, offices that don't usually get much attention. So I'm posting - and I hope you forward this link to others - to ask that you please vote to make sure this racist asshole doesn't get elected.

Guy Glodis is one of three candidates for the Democratic nomination for Auditor. In addition to bigotry and lack of awareness, he's got a record of sleaze and corruption (and at least one hilarious goof-up). However, he's tied for first in the polls, and might win.

I prefer Suzanne Bump. Apparently both the Globe and the Phoenix agree. Mike Lake, the third candidate, seems good too, but Bump's record is a better indicator that she'll do a good job in this office, IMO. With Bump ahead of Lake in polls (and slightly ahead of Glodis), and getting the major newspaper endorsements too, it seems pretty certain that either she'll beat Guy Glodis, or he will win. So if you think Bump and Lake are both fine candidates, and making sure Glodis doesn't get elected is more important than which of them wins, vote for Suzanne Bump.

[ BTW, I've been on unemployment twice, in 2003 and 2009. Suzanne Bump took over the MA Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development in early 2007, and unemployment is one of the departments under that office. Despite 2009 being a much harder and more stressful time for the unemployment office than 2003, I saw dramatic improvement in their service between the two periods, and I think that's partly (mostly?) her doing. ]

Two candidates are running for the Democratic nomination for Treasurer. I like Steve Grossman - which again puts me in agreement with the Globe and the Phoenix. I met Grossman a few times when he was on Howard Dean's campaign for president in 2003/4. His opponent, Steve Murphy, pissed me off with this ad (here's my comment on that ad).

[ Edit: Steve Grossman is hero to LGBT community, by former head of MassEquality ]

Meanwhile, I'll be spending primary day volunteering for Mac D'Alessandro for Congress. He's the most exciting candidate to me this year. If it weren't for him, I'd be volunteering for State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz of Boston, who has a primary challenger. She's one of the best people we have in the state house. If you live in either of those districts, please help Mac or Sonia.

I encourage you to link to this post, and share it with friends in Massachusetts through whatever means you'd like.

P.S. Donate to Mac & Sonia on my fundraising page.