August 25th, 2010


General contractor (and landscaper?)

My house needs some masonry and stonework redone on the top part of the foundation in one corner, and new stairs into the basement at that same corner, and a new deck and back stairs on top of that (since the existing deck and back stairs all rest on that portion of the foundation and would have to be torn out). I've never had this kind of work done and don't know much about it. Got any recommendations for general contractors in the vicinity of Cambridge, MA who you like? Any tips on things I might want to read or learn about before I call them, so I can have informed conversations and understand what work they're going to do and how to pick the right one?

Separately, an inspector suggested grading the earth around our house to make it slope outward, since, he said, it's currently directing water towards the foundation (not obviously enough that I would've noticed, but probably true). Nobody's been taking much care of the plants along the side of the house and in the backyard, which has gotten overgrown, so maybe this is a good excuse to get a landscaper?