August 2nd, 2010


Come work with me at ITA ... and then Google

We hired a couple of people this winter and then paused, but now we're filling a couple more of those positions, and one of them is in my team. We need a new Reservations Operations person - this is the job I described as not really sysadmin, but needs someone with good sysadmin skills. It's also someone I'd work with directly, dealing with those weird airline protocols.

Since Google is supposed to buy ITA as soon as government regulators approve the deal (don't know when that will be, my guess is late fall / early winter of this year), this is also a way to get into Google, in case you happen to want to work for Google.

Wanna? If you have questions leave a comment. Apply here, and for "How were you referred to ITA?" choose "Employee Referral" and put my name in (and also leave a comment or email me), and I'll get someone to look at it quickly.

Edit: "Apply here" link updated from original post.