January 7th, 2010


Geek jobs in Cambridge, MA

My department at ITA Software is looking to hire several people. I've been here since May and find it a fun place to work, and the boss & grandboss heading our groups are both great. The guy running this department is one of the few people I've worked for who would make me want to take a job somewhere just based on knowing I'd be reporting to him.

We've got openings for:
  • Some database people. Mostly Oracle and Postgres.

  • A couple of ops tools/build/release engineers who would do things like write and maintain tools we use packaging, testing, deploying, and monitoring software. Heavy Python use on that side of things.

  • What I do, which is not exactly "unix sysadmin" but close enough that it calls for the same sorts of people who'd do a sysadmin job. Operations/Applications administration, managing installations of software that was written at ITA. You don't handle the hardware at all, you don't configure the OS. Think of it like what a DBA does for databases, except that instead of databases you'd be dealing with very different (though just as complex) applications. We do things like monitoring, testing support, configuration management, upgrades, high availability, and so on.

ITA is near One Kendall Square, about 8 blocks from the Central Sq T stop and 6 blocks from Kendall.