November 26th, 2009


Thanksgiving's dubious origins

Yesterday, my housemate asked if Thanksgiving is a holiday all over the world, or mainly just here? We all knew that Canada has a Thanksgiving in October, but she had no idea if it's widespread in the rest of the world. I thought it was probably just here, and couldn't think of any other country that has it, but didn't know whether maybe a few others might... so I went searching the net.

Apparently, one other country in the world has a national Thanksgiving holiday. It's on October 25th, in between the Canadian (2nd Monday of October) and American (4th Thursday of November). Do you know which country, and what the holiday is commemorating?

Think of your answer. Then click here to check. Then come back and vote in my poll, and also leave a comment with your initial reaction once you found out (preferably before reading anyone else's comments).

Poll #1490935 theotherthanksgiving

Do you know what other country has a national Thanksgiving holiday?

Yes, and I know what they're commemorating.
Yes, though I didn't know why.
Thought I knew / probably had it, but I was wrong.
I wasn't sure, but I guessed it!
Well, that was a surprise.
Other (a cos in cos' own poll?)