April 7th, 2009


Know anyone in Vermont?

Vermont's legislature passed a bill legalizing same sex marriage last week.

On Monday, Vermont's Governor Douglas vetoed it. On Tuesday morning, the VT House and Senate will vote on overriding his veto, and the vote in the House is likely to be very close. If you know someone in Vermont who cares about this, their representative needs to hear from them.

The Vermont Senate voted 26-4 for this, so they will likely vote to override. The Vermont House voted 95-52; overriding a veto requires 100 votes. It's a real possibility, but it could easily fall short, especially since many of the reps who voted yes have gotten upset phone calls about it (even though polls show a majority of Vermonters support same sex marriage rights). Some more phone calls first thing in the morning (or messages left before 9am) could tip the balance.

If you're in Vermont:
  • Find your Representative by clicking on your city or town.

  • Find out how your Representative voted, and their phone number.

  • If they voted Yes:
    "I'd like to thank Representative [Name] for supporting equal rights for same sex couples. Please vote to override the Governor's veto."

  • If they voted No:"I'm disappointed that Representative [Name] did not support equal rights for same sex couples, but I hope the Representative will bring closure to this issue now, in light of the overwhelming support it has gotten, and vote to override the Governor's veto."

Please IM/text/email this (or a link to this post) to people you know in Vermont!

Edit: House voted 100-49 to override the veto. Phew, that was close!