February 6th, 2009


In case you were wondering why I asked

On Sunday Molly was telling Val and I about this "friend" she had back in California, who invited her to come hang out and maybe go out. Oh, and by the way, since you're coming over, said this friend, why not bring some of that software you were going to try installing on my computer? Sure, said Molly, I can install it while we're hanging out.

She went over, with the software, and started... and a whole bunch of friend's Hollywood-ish friends came over, and friend said you don't mind finishing that software while we all go out, do you?

After our appropriate gasps of shock, Molly struggled to complete the sentence: "I can't believe she had the ... the ... what's the word for it? the nerve?" And right then, it came to me: I can't believe she had the blagojevich to suggest that!

We all agree this word should spread, so I indulged my habit of submitting to urbandictionary. It was while I was writing that entry, and trying to think of some good examples, that I made my recent post asking for stories. So now you know what made me think of it.

P.S. Urbandictionary has a bunch of other definitions of blagojevich, but mine's clearly the best one :) So please vote it up!