August 11th, 2008


A room this fall

When mzrowan moves out of this house she's selling me, I'm going to want a new renter for one of the two big bedrooms. We're not sure yet when she's moving out, whenever she's done renovating her new house - probably around the end of September or in October - so this is just early warning. If you might want to live here, let me know!

Our big bedroosm are 11'x13' and 12'x12', currently occupied by the two of us. I'm not sure whether I'll stay in the same room or move into hers, but either way, I'll want a renter for the other room. Probably about $750/month. I'm going to have one more renter, in one of the smaller rooms - I already found someone, she'll move in in September.

It's a pretty big place, with a great kitchen & dining room, small back deck, several extra rooms besides the bedrooms, a second little bathroom downstairs. I'll be down to just one cat, down from a high of six of them last fall (currently Rowan has one and I have one; she's taking hers with her when she moves). About 3 blocks from the red line in Central Square, very close to the Harvest (and weekly farmers' market), Tosci's, Middle East & TT's, etc.

So, wanna live here? Or know anyone who might?