June 4th, 2008


Support my application?

Democracy for America, the post-Dean grassroots organization I've been active in for years, is offerring scholarships to Netroots Nation in Austin this summer. It's the blogger conference that used to be called YearlyKos, and I pre-registered for it shortly after attending YearlyKos last year, but I still need a hotel room so I applied, asking for a partial scholarship (I wrote that if they pick me for one, they can use the registration money to give another to someone local who doesn't need a room).

So far, 92 people have applied, and I believe they're raised enough funds for 16 scholarships, so the odds aren't bad.

If you have an account on democracyforamerica.com, or if you wouldn't mind being associated with them and get an account, you can help me get it by declaring your support for my application:
  1. Either sign up for a DfA account or log in

  2. Go to my application.

  3. On the right, in the "Grassroots Supporters" section, click "Add Your Support". (optionally, write a short comment)

  4. If you know other people who would support me but don't read this LJ, suggest it to them.