October 6th, 2007


Geeky Concerts

I've been to some very geeky concerts in my life. Once I hosted a house concert with Jim Infantino, the man who wrote Addicted to Stress and Y2K Hooray! and sprinkled random Babylon 5 references into live performances of Bite Me Hard. I got the Dresden Dolls to perform at Arisia. Years earlier, I was standing next to johnromkey that time he paid to get the Flash Girls and Boiled in Lead to perform at Arisia, and they thanked from the stage "the Refreshing Cardboard Man of the Apocalypse", which had been Romkey's GECOS field on apocalypse.org. Just last month I saw the Arrogant worms, and one of them was telling us about his mom always calling him for computer support. He said something like, "you probably think she should just instal Linux" and the audience cheered.

But last night...

Responding to some banter about twins, Jonathan Coulton made an offhand joking reference to Michael Behe. He didn't elaborate or explain, he just expected us to get it, and I think most of us did.

Of all the geeky concerts I've been to, this one outgeeked them all.*

And now I'm off to Davis Square to see a band full of geeks, ensmb.

* That statement might not be true if I hadn't missed LISA 1999, where some of my friends perpetrated the geekiest filk ever.