August 14th, 2007


Road Trip part 2: west coast

I got into the bay area Monday evening just in time for the Alameda Ceili. Tonight I'll be staying at rightkindofme's (south bay), and tomorrow switching over to dr_memory & missionista's in the Mission for the next couple of days. Plans remaining for here:
  • Wednesday evening: Berkeley contra dance w/missionista - wanna come join us there?
  • Thursday evening: something with redfierma - whoah, she's in SF! :) Includes possible dinner with friends, comment if you're free and I may reply with details for joining us.
  • Friday: I don't know. Maybe drive north, maybe something here.
Next up, Portland and Seattle. I'll drive north on either Friday or Saturday, and in Portland probably spend most of my time at keturn and tornadogrrrl's. Hoping to catch dollbunny while there.

Then it's time to head back east.