December 28th, 2006


roadtrip question

I think I'm going to Louisville for New Years. And then, possibly, a short trip to Colorado with emilyrose Jan 1-5. Normally, Louisville to Colorado is a trip I'd do in one day, but since it's winter, I think it would be wise to split it in two in case we have to go a lot slower. So... who do I (we?) know in Missouri, not far from I-70, for possible crash space on the night of the 1st?

Splitting up the drive to Louisville might be good too. Any of you living somewhere about 3-6 hours from Boston in that general direction (NYC, Philly, Albany/Troy) want to have me over on, say, Friday night?

Coloradans: How bad (or okay) is it likely to be, getting to the front range from the east via I-70, early next week? Weather report for Limon, CO calls for snow on the weekend but clearing up Sunday and clear on Monday...