August 7th, 2006


Help beat Joe Lieberman

I'm heading down to Connecticut either tonight or early tomorrow morning, to volunteer for Ned Lamont, running against Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary. Election day is tomorrow, Tuesday, August 8th. Anyone wanna tag along and help?

Schedule depends on whether the Lamont people find a place for me (us) to stay tonight, and/or tomorrow night. Probably spending the day in Willimantic (east of Hartford) and going to Meriden later. If you wanna come, text me, email my pager, or IM my phone. Or If you live in CT and wanna put me up for a night :)

Wish us luck!

Update: I'm in Willimantic, east of Hartford, for the day; in the evening I'll go to the press center in Meriden to blog. Watch for a post from me on MyDD.

Morning rush at this polling place, 8-9am, we had 18 voters - I think that's heavy turnout for a primary.