June 25th, 2006


off we go

Route and approximate dates...
    Jun 25: Boston -> NYC -> Philly
    Jun 26: Philly -> Pittsburgh
    Jun 27: Pittsburgh -> Lansing-ish
    Jun 28 - Jul 1: Ann Arbor? Chicago? Urbana?
    Jul 2: Madison
    Jul 3: arrive in Fort Collins, CO
    ... dreams_of_wings stays here ...
    Jul 6: Colorado -> Seattle (or maybe spend the night in eastern WA)
    Jul 7-9: Seattle, Portland, and OCF
    Jul 10/11: Northern California
    Jul 12/13: Southern California
    Jul 14-16: DemocracyFest, in San Diego
    Jul 17-20: pick up listgirl in Arizona and hurry northeast
    Jul 20-23: Falcon Ridge
    Jul 24/25: maybe hang out with listgirl in the Berkshires
We/I could use crash space...
  • ... in Chicago any of Jun 29, 30, Jul 1 (we have some of these covered but not all; flexible)

  • ... in Madison, WI on Saturday night, Jul 1

  • ... on Jul 2, somewhere along I-80 between Iowa City and Lincoln

  • ... on Jul 6, somewhere in central/eastern Washington State (just me)

We successfully made it to Philly, after stopping for lunch with deeahblita in Brooklyn on the way, and are now hanging out with ambrosiaoferis. Tomorrow, we get to try to entice blk to braid dreams_of_wings's hair :)