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Cos' Journal
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Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

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It seems I will want to move, most likely (though not definitely), in May or June. Or possibly later in the summer. But probably May or June, since it would be convenient to get it done before heading out to the wild red yonder with dreams_of_wings in late June, and returning to a festival filled July.

I want to live with people. Or a person. Ideally someone(s) I already know and like and think would be easy to live with. And I want somewhere with enough space that I can bring in all my books, CDs, and other stuff from all around metro Boston: Here in Cambridge at aerynne's where I now live, and also in Brookline, Waltham, Malden, Somerville, and Lincoln.

Some more things I want and don't want...Collapse )
So, who's moving this summer? Or knows of some good space? Or considering forming a household? I'm probably not going to decide anything until April or May, but I'll be thinking about it and looking for possibilities from now until then, and may decide earlier.

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