September 25th, 2004


a few unrelated pointers to things elsewhere

I have several Real Posts(TM) bubbling around my head but never seem to find the time to write them, so in the meantime, here are a few brief pointers to other things...

  • dr_memory is on vacation in Vietnam (with missionista), and he's been posting long but very fun to read travel stories on his LJ, starting here and continuing to the present (and near future, most likely).

  • ginmar, a soldier serving in Iraq, started a new closed community rania_s_gate where she will be posting some of her "harder" stories, that she doesn't want to post for the general public. I've found some of her posts fascinating. If you want to join the community but haven't participated in her LJ in the past, you need to send her email letting her know who you are before she'll approve your membership. Her address is in the userinfo.

  • Help Granny D! She's the woman who, at age 89-90, walked 3,200 miles coast to coast for campaign finance reform. Now, at age 94, she's running for the US Senate from NH. I posted some stuff about her here, including links to speeches so you can see how cool she is :) but right now, if you only have a few seconds free, you can help her by voting for her in this DfA Senate poll. Two winners will get highlighted in an email by Dean to his mailing list, which could be a big help. The poll closes on Monday, and as of last night she was in 7th place.

    If you like Granny D, please re-post that to your own LJ this weekend! Thanks :)

  • Anyone interested on volunteering for election protection poll watching or response, including training, for the upcoming election, sign up at You can also give them information about any useful skills or experience you have, and they've got separate tracks for tech and legal volunteers. The tech track is being run by and focuses on new electronic voting machines.

  • And for a silly diversion: Someone called up LiveJournal's founder and offerred him sex in exchange for unsuspending some of her friends' accounts. Then, she posted an mp3 of the voicemail, and he posted a link to it:
    her post
    his post, with the link
    Listen through the mp3, it gets funnier near the end.