April 30th, 2004


Who's Canadian

With the help of a cute little program called WireTap, I recorded a bunch of radio programs from NPR and other sources and burned a disc for my roadtrip to the March for Women last weekend. One of the programs I put on the disc was Who's Canadian - notes and stories about the Canadians among us. It's my favorite episode of This American Life, and one of my favorite radio shows ever. The first portion of the show talks about how many of the prominent people in American culture are actually Canadian, and in this clip (about two minutes) a Canadian talks about how Canadians always know who the other Canadians are. It's as if they have a Canadian-recognition chip implanted in their brain, he says.

Off the top of my head, I can think of several Canadians on my LJ friends list: bassringer, choucroute, ert, jasonkelly, ladymondegreen, emerlion... I got to thinking, who else is Canadian? Are there any on my friends list who I don't realize are Canadian, or I've just forgotten? They do tend to blend in.

So, come on! You Canadians on my friends list should be able to tell me who the other Canadians are, right? Fess up and reveal yourselves and your countrymen!