May 30th, 2003


in search of a roommate or a new apt...

I haven't lived with anyone since laurens10 moved out last summer, and I don't really like having an apt all to myself, I'd like to live with a friend (or a few). I'm also getting tired of throwing so much money away on rent, especially since I'm not even using her former bedroom, now vacant. Unfortunately, all the friends I've wanted to live with who wanted to live with me who I've talked to in the past year, either needed a place that allows cats (this one doesn't), wanted to live in a house (this is an apt building), or, most common of all - couldn't afford the rent. I'm paying $1550, so half of that is $775. But it looks like most of my friends can only afford something around $600-ish, which would leave me paying $950. That's what I was paying for the entire apt back in 1996 when I moved in here! I could afford that (heck, I can afford $1550), but it would still seem like throwing too much money away to make it worth staying in this place.

Does anyone want to come live with me here, who can pay $750-ish in rent and doesn't have a cat? The building is very solid - modern electricals, endless hot water, a separate thermostat for every room, and laundry in the building. There's off-street parking. And the location is great, right on the Cambridge/Somerville line and easy walking distance to Inman Square (3 minutes), Union Square (6 minutes), and Harvard (12 minutes). Also the #83 and #86 busses both go right by here, and there are several great restaurants nearby, a video rental down the block, an ATM, a bar and live music venue, a couple of bakeries, and other stuff. Move in whenever you want.

[Edit: Oh, and if you wanted to find a place actually in the city where it's easy to get to 93 north, the pike, and route 2, this is about the best location you could pick, on balance. Very easy directions to her from those three roads, too, for visitors. So if you drive out of the city a lot, this is a very convenient location, unless the places you want to go are Cape Cod, Rhode Island, or the south shore - 'cause then you have to take the Southeast Distressway :) ]

If I don't find someone within a week who I like and want to live with, who wants to move in sometime in the next few months, then I will move. My lease runs until the end of August, but I could move in July or early August and have some overlap. Do you know of a place I'd like to live? Tell me.