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Monday, February 10th, 2003

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Allstonian rats
Yesterday, hanging out in Allston with chaoticerotic and anna_phylaxis, we saw a hairless one-eyed albino rat. We didn't see a pirate, but there had to have been one, don't you think?

The cute girl with bright red hair minding the counter at the pet store - well, actually, she was lying on her back on the floor behind the counter, but she sat up when we started talking to her - told us about how she'd seen some women come up to the window and say disparaging things about the hairless rats, and she went outside and demanded they apologize to them.

chaoticerotic said she wants to buy the hairless one-eyed albino rat before she leaves Boston and take him home with her to Albany. If she does that, he'll be a hairless one-eyed Albanian albino rat.

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