Cos (cos) wrote,

Know anyone who wants a room in Central Square?

A couple of rooms available one of my 3-bedroom apartments in Central Square, Cambridge, for the summer.

It's just a couple of blocks from Mass Ave and the T, but on a very quiet block. Shared laundry in the basement.

One of my tenants on the 2nd floor wants to stay for the summer, after their current lease ends on May 31st. I told her I'm happy to extend for 3 months, if she and whoever she finds to sublet will pay the full rent, so she's going to do it if she can find people to take the other two rooms (or one person to take both, or whatever arrangement). Currently, the other two rooms are paying $980/month, so it'll probably be approximately that.

If you know anyone interested, I can put them in touch with her.

(And if she can't find people and commit to extend soon, then the whole place is available June 1st, for 3k/month)

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