Cos (cos) wrote,

New Georgia Senators

John Ossoff with Cos and Audra at campaign office door

Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff just got sworn in yesterday, after the inauguration, because the Georgia runoff election results only got certified on Tuesday.

Almost four years earlier, Jon Ossoff made his first run for elected office when he ran for Congress in Georgia's 6th district in a special election in spring 2017. I'd been planning to visit Audra in Georgia during that time so I extended the trip so we could spend a few days canvassing for him, and we got to meet him at a campaign office we were volunteering out of.

It was supposed to be a solidly Republican district but that's when the reaction to Trump really started showing, and to much surprise the race was competitive. He ended up losing by about 3 points to a Republican, who in turn got knocked out by Democrat Lucy McBath in 2018 - she got re-elected in 2020, so that district has shifted. Even though we didn't succeed in 2017, I hope Ossoff's efforts helped make that shift and that the time we spent contributed a bit to that. And now he's a US Senator!

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