Cos (cos) wrote,

3-bedroom apartment available in Central Square

The apartment I posted about in May was filled in June, but now there's another in the same house, very similar, just on the top floor rather than the middle floor.

- 3 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, about 1200 square feet.
- $3300/month (so $1100 per bedroom)
- On the 3nd floor of a 3-family house.
- Laundry in the basement, shared by the 3 units.
- Cats okay, as long as they don't (much) scratch wooden parts of the apartment such as doorframes.
- No smoking.

It's two blocks from Mass Ave in Central Square, a very short walk to the red line, but on a very quiet street. As I wrote in May, this puts it close to groceries, buses, T stop, late night food, hardware store, banks, clinic, live music, post office, city hall, tailor, eyeglasses stores, shoe repair, clothing stores, and so on - all less than 10 minutes walk away.

Available for moving in later this week, you wouldn't have to wait until September 1st.

Do you know anyone who may be interested?

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