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Seeing Eugene Mirman at last night's LHS fundraiser reminded me that I hadn't been to the Comedy Studio in too long. I mentioned this to Eugene and he said he'd be performing tonight, since he's visiting home through the weekend, so I went. It turned out to be an all-star, former locals visiting home for the holiday sort of night. In addition to Eugene, the night featured DJ Hazard, who I still think is the best comedian in Boston. As usual, his set had everyone laughing non-stop. But host Rick Jenkins had an extra surprise for us: Steven Wright. Like DJ, he wasn't listed on the schedule for the night. If he had been, I probably wouldn't have been able to get in, since I didn't come very early. As it was, the room was nearly full but I still got a seat.

Another person who wasn't on the schedule was Chance Langton, who I'd never heard of before, though apparently he's somewhat well known in the comedy world. His style was similar to Steven Wright's, but with somewhat longer sentences, and more incidents of connecting one joke to the next. On most other nights, he'd have been the highlight of the show. On this night, well, he fit in well. I recommend him.

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