Cos (cos) wrote,

Facebook account mysteriously vanished

Someone in a Facebook group I moderate emailed me just now to let me know that they don't see me listed as a moderator anymore, and can't find my profile to message me. I went to Facebook to look, and it says "page not found" when I try to view my profile. It also acts like I'm not logged in, but when I try to log in, it takes me to the form for creating a new account.

Earlier today, less than 2 hours ago, I posted a video of some friends' band to my Facebook profile, so I know it was fine then. I don't know what happened, but if you noticed me missing there and know I have this account here, now you know.

Does anyone know how I can report this to Facebook and get my account restored? I've Googled for answers but am not finding anything helpful so far.

P.S. is a form for "My Personal Account Was Disabled" but Facebook's documentation says if my account were disabled, I'd see a message to that effect when I try to log in. Instead, Facebook acts as if my account doesn't exist at all. And indeed, when I try to submit that form, it gives me an error: "This email address does not belong to a disabled account".


Oddity #1: Facebook is still sending me email notifications, to the same email address that has been on my account for years. Even notifications about people asking to join the group I created and moderate, asking me to approve new people.

Oddity #2: When I try to log in with my correct email address and password, it just takes me to the front page of, where it prompts me to log in or sign up. But if I try to log in with the same email address but an incorrect password, then it gives an error message, "the password you've entered is incorrect". So it still has my login information.

I submitted a question at, no idea if they'll see it and write back.

UPDATE: 3.5 hours later, they responded to that request. I got an email "help us confirm your name", and my profile popped back into existence. The link from the email prompted me to confirm that the name I'm using is my real name, and to upload a photo of ID, which it said I needed to provide within 7 days.

So, did Facebook somehow think my name wasn't my real name, but their system was super buggy and it couldn't actually tell me that and ask me to provide ID until they got to my support request? Or, did something else happen to my profile, and they put it into this "confirm name" state as a way of reactivating it? No idea. Very strange, and very buggy.

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