Cos (cos) wrote,

Are you on LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, or both?

Nearly two years ago, I imported all of my LiveJournal posts to Dreamwidth and switched to posting there rather than on LJ. That was when the Russian owners of LiveJournal changed the rules to ban "political solicitation" and started cracking down on LGBTQ posters and critics of Russia, and a lot of people moved off LJ because of that. But I kept automatically crossposting my dreamwidth posts to LJ.

Sometime later, I shifted to mostly just reading on dreamwidth, and stopped checking my livejournal friends page. I realized recently that some of the people I used to read haven't actually moved, and I hadn't noticed because to me it looked like they (you?) just stopped posting! But now I see that even though a few people are crossposting like I am, there are some people I read who are only posting on one site or the other, not both. That also leads me to wonder where people are reading.

If you read this on LJ and can vote in the poll on dreamwidth, please click over and vote :)
But I'm interested in your comments about your use of these sites, in addition to the poll.

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