Cos (cos) wrote,

My one brief experience trying Lyft

We're going to the airport. Unlike in Boston, the trip to the airport in Seattle is long and annoying with public transit, so if we have large bags we drive or take a cab. Maybe we could try Lyft this time?

I open the App store on my iPad and search for Lyft. Uber app pops up as first hit; no Lyft app. Oh, maybe they only have an iPhone app, and the app store is stupid... I change preferences to look for iPhone apps, and there it is. I install it.

Open up the Lyft app, and it asks me to enter my phone number, which it will verify with a text message. I enter the number of my Android phone and it just does nothing. Maybe this is one of those ridiculous apps that verifies by sending itself a text and checking for it automatically, which of course can't work on iPad because you can't SMS an iPad? But it has a "log in with Facebook" option, worth a try.

Try logging in with Facebook. It complains that there's no Lyft account associated with this Facebook account, so I need to create one first, using a phone number.

I'm not going to use an app that can't be used on my iPad at all, but maybe I can register on my Android phone and then log in to the same account on the iPad? I find the Lyft app for Android and install it on my Android phone.

Open up Lyft on Android, again the prompt for a phone number, but this time it suggests a number! Without looking, I say yes, and nothing happens. I try again, nothing happens. Then I realize - wait, this is not this phone's number! This is the phone number of my old Treo phone!

Okay, so I reject the suggested number, and now it prompts me to enter one. I enter my Android's phone number. It turns red and the app complains, "please enter a valid phone number". I double-check the number, it's correct. Try again, same thing.

We call a taxi company, and they take us to the airport.

P.S. Does anyone know of a decent app-based taxi/rideshare service we could use in Seattle? In Boston, we use fasten, but they're not in Seattle. Uber has been too loathsome a company, I'd feel too icky using them. Lyft's app is crap. Anything else we could try?

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