Cos (cos) wrote,

How about Afghan relief funds?

Okay, if I'm not using this as a diary, I guess I can use it as a way to communicate random things to random (and non-random) people.

PayPal, Yahoo, and Amazon, set up Red Cross funds on September 11th, and raised millions of dollars each. Now I think it would be nice if they set up new funds alongside those, to raise money for Afghan refugees and war victims.

Sure, a few million dollars won't be much compared the the billions our government *should* contribute (and the hundreds of millions they're already spending), but then, I don't know if the $30-odd million raised for the Red Cross is really significant compared to how much FEMA and other government agencies already spent in NYC. It's still helpful, and a good statement to make too.

I just sent this suggestion to:
[I couldn't find any useful address for Yahoo so I gave up and sent to postmaster, if you know of something better let me know].

If you like the idea, suggest it to them.

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