Cos (cos) wrote,

Which way do you go?

Your walk to class on campus, or to work from home or the nearest transit stop, has a few options. You could go around that building to the left or to the right, you might turn first and then go two blocks over or go two blocks first and then cross... do you find one shortest or nicest way and fall into the habit of always taking it, or do you switch it up every time? What motivates you to do one or the other?

You're going to eat out at a neighborhood you kinda know, which has some restaurants you've been to more than once. Your friend ask you to pick where to eat. Do you go for an old favorite most of the time, or are you much more likely to pick somewhere new until you've tried all the places in that neighborhood? Why do you make the choice you make?

Your friend picks a place for you to eat, and you've been there a few times. Which is more likely: you order something you've had before that you know you liked, or you search the menu for something you haven't tried yet that you think you'd like? What motivates you one way or the other?

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