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Killing a few minutes while I wait for laundry to finish...
... and because it's been a long time since I let myself waste time on the net doing silly pointless things :)

At first glance, the visited states thing looked as shallow in meaning as most of the quizzes that proliferate here (though the answers are often fun nonetheless, I don't find them worth posting). What does it mean to map out the states you've been to or haven't ever been to? The distinction between a state I never visited and one I drove through once, doesn't seem as significant as the distinction between a state I drove through once and a state I've spent weeks and done lots of things in. So I started playing with it to map out some things that might be more telling about my life, and came up with these:

(I consider all airports to be part of the separate state of Airport. If I've been somewhere only by being at an airport there, and never left the airport, then I don't consider it having been there, at all.)

First, the states I've never been to at all:

Airports don't count.
[ Update: Since I posted this, I've been to Texas four times, and Florida for a week, among other changes. I should post an updated set of maps. ]

States I've visited and actually done something in:

This doesn't count all of the states that aren't on the previous map. If I just drove through, or maybe stopped to get food somewhere near the road, that doesn't count. The states on this map are ones where I've gone out of my way to see something or someone, or spent the night, or something like that.

Here are the states where I've spent more than 60 hours with my feet on the ground (or the floor, or the bed) - that is, spent a few days there at least, not counting driving time:

(Though a few more states, like Illinois and Georgia, come close)

Some of those things I've done in some of those states...
States where I saw live music:

States where I spent the night at least once:

Driving through overnight doesn't count, even if it took most of the night. These are all states where I stopped somewhere and slept on a flat surface outside of my car, though not necessarily in a bed. Actually, I think I've slept in a bed in all of these states, though.

States where I visited someone I was dating or involved with, while they were living in that state:

States where I've worked:

I haven't ever worked for pay in Iowa or Maine, but I volunteered at Dean offices in those states, and did work in an office, that was supervised, and so on, so it was just like work but without the pay and I'm counting it.

States where I actively campaigned for Howard Dean:

I'm not counting states where, while driving through, I left pamphlets or flyers about Dean at gas stations, motels, restaurants, and so on. These are the states where I actually spent some time making and passing out materials, tabling, volunteering at a Dean office, attending Dean events, meeting grassroots organizers and trading materials, or something along those lines.

Did I leave out any categories I should have tried to map?

EDIT: States I've been to in the past 12 months:

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