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Another one of those infrequent LJ posts that are actually about me...

After a flurry of activity in the fall, I seem to have gone back to one post a month here. cosmusic has gone almost silent, too. That's because I've been spending almost all my time in the past few months, following primaries around, campaigning for Howard Dean. And for those of you who know me, I think the best indication of how much I've focused my attention on that, is something else I've been doing once a month.

The last four times I saw live music:Yup. I went to one concert each month, for the last four months.

I have posted a lot recently, just not here. I've been chronicling some of my activities for Dean, on the howard_dean community - though I've missed posting about a lot of the things I've done, when I didn't have the time. If you're interested, though, here's a list of links to most of my posts in the community. I left out a few where I was just posting informative links to things that I didn't have anything to do with, and not really saying anything of my own.

2003-06-08: 2003 MA Democratic Convention
2003-06-10: 2003 MA Democratic Convention
2003-06-11: comments on Dean's no Wellstone
2003-06-19: The MoveOn primary
2003-07-20: Tabling at Falcon Ridge
2003-08-11: Lieberman gets questions about Dean
2003-08-16: Electric grid deregulation and the east coast blackout
2003-08-16: Meeting Dean, at a Q&A in NH
2003-08-27: Letter to the BBC
2003-08-27: Publicity for two rallies in Burlington
2003-08-31: AFSCME straw poll
2003-09-05: Labor Day in NH
2003-09-08: Protest John Ashcroft
2003-09-24: A Dean meetup on BBC TV
2003-09-27: Response to Michael Moore
2003-11-29: My book review of Howard Dean: A Citizen's Guide to the Man Who Would Be President.
2003-12-01: Response to The Atlantic
2003-12-02: My first, naive, attempt to ask Nader not to run
2003-12-10: Why Dean sought Gore's endorsement
2003-12-16: Democrat meetup
2003-12-21: Write to Clinton
2003-12-25: Concert for Dean (recap)
2004-01-05: Write a letter to Tom Harkin
2004-01-11: Letter to an Iowan
2004-01-13: Plea for help in Iowa
2004-01-15: Canvassing in Iowa
2004-01-21: First contact after the caucus
2004-01-21: Democrat meetup
2004-01-29: Electability, the message from IA and NH
2004-01-29: Electability talking points
2004-01-30: A Letter to Slate
2004-02-03: Letter to the Detroit Free Press
2004-02-03: A step back to look at what the Dean campaign has done
2004-02-05: Haitian TV program
2004-02-05: Washington phone banking
2004-02-05: Jack Bryar's letter
2004-02-06: radio ads in Maine
2004-02-09: radio ads in Virginia
2004-02-12: Maine results underreported
2004-02-12: Flyering in Maine and Virginia
2004-02-13: effective flyering [updated]
2004-02-14: Got Dean mentioned on WORT
2004-02-14: Articles about Kerry's false electability aura
2004-02-16: radio ads in Wisconsin

(I may come back and update this post later on, to add future posts I make in howard_dean)

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