Cos (cos) wrote,

Visits to Colorado

August 1998
... five years pass ...
Oct 2003
Aug 2004
Nov 2004
Jul 2006
Aug 2007
Dec 2008
Jan 2009
May 2009
... almost five years ...
Feb 2014

Most of those visits were to the northern part of the front range cities. I did go to Colorado Springs once, Estes Park once, a few drives through Rocky Mountain National Park and I-70 and Grand Junction, but Denver/Boulder/Fort Collins were my most frequented places. In fact, I don't think I missed Boulder on any one of those trips.

Eight visits in five and a half years was enough to become familiar with the area and develop friendships and have favorite venues and restaurants and more. Then a five year gap. So much changed! Socially, and in the city, and people's lives.

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