Cos (cos) wrote,

Come to Fresh Grass, Sep 20-22

I'm going to the Fesh Grass festival at MassMoCA, my favorite art museum, the weekend after this one. Sep 20-22, North Adams MA, in the Berkshires.

Artists include...
  • Alison Brown, multigenre amazing banjo player/tunewriter, one of my favorite musicians of all time

  • Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, on their last tour before retirement for good

  • Edgar Meyer, a god of the upright bass, playing with Mike Marshall

  • Sarah Jarosz, a classmate of Valerie's from NEC

  • Sam Bush, Darol Anger, the Gibson Brothers, Bill Evans, Del McCoury, the Deadly Gentlemen, ...

Anyone else wanna come out for the weekend or for a day?

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