Cos (cos) wrote,


Yesterday was our last day at the ITA Software building next to One Kendall Square. By now a lot of ex-ITA people have already transferred or dispersed to other parts of Google so many of them have already moved, but the few hundred of us who remained at the original office will be starting Monday at 4 Cambridge Center in Kendall Square (not to be confused with One Kendall Square, which as most locals know, is several blocks away from Kendall Square), adjacent to the Google Cambridge office that already existed before they bought ITA. 4CC where we're moving into is the building with Meadhall on the ground floor.

[ I had a dream where I'd left a shelf-full of stuff by my desk not packed for the movers, and only remembered it the following morning (although when I was having this dream the following morning hadn't arrived yet in reality). ]

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