Cos (cos) wrote,

A Scientist for the Senate

When I posted about Scientists in Congress nearly 6 years ago, there were four. Of those four, only one remains, although he's been joined by Bill Foster, who I mentioned in that post because he was running for office at the time. We now have two scientists in the House, and zero in the Senate.

But Rush Holt, the one remaining from that list of four, is now running for US Senate in New Jersey.

Cory Booker is going to win this Democratic primary next week, so we're not about to get a scientist in the Senate quite yet... but in a 4-candidate race, Rush Holt is closely tied in polls for second place. I'd love to see him finish a strong second, ahead of the other two candidates, which could make him a likely frontrunner the next time a Senate seat opens up.

Rush Holt has long been one of my favorite members of Congress. He led in the fight against paperless touch screen voting machines, and most recently, he's the one who introduced a bill this year to repeal most of the Patriot Act. He has, of course, been a voice for scientific literacy in Congressional debate. He's also the only Quaker in Congress. He's a former assistant director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, and he's been published in Science!

Who do you know in New Jersey? Can you ask them if they'll vote for Rush Holt on Tuesday?

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