Cos (cos) wrote,

Mountain Justice and a bass player

1. My friend Yasmin is organizing tabling for Mountain Justice at the All Good music festival in central Ohio July 18-21. Mountain Justice is a coalition of local activists across Appalachia trying to stop mountaintop removal mining. Yasmin tells me last year tabling at All Good was their best fundraising weekends of the year, but she doesn't yet have enough people who can make it to the festival this year to cover the time.

Want to go? You'd do about 12 hours over the course of the 4 day festival, free ticket with vendor camping. She's looking for people who either have some experience tabling for causes, or just care about ending mountaintop removal mining.

2. My friend Katrin, a Boston area musician, has a gig at Toad in Porter Square on July 14th that her bass player can't do. She says this happens from time, and she's looking for another bass player who can learn her songs, rehearse with them sometimes (in Brookline), and fill in on an occasional gig. You can listen to some of her music here. Know any local bass players who may be interested? Send them here!

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