Cos (cos) wrote,

What I asked my Senators and Representative re: Snowden's leaks

Last week I called both of my US Senators and my Representative's office to say more or less this:

One thing Snowden's leak reveals is that there's rampant abuse of the classification system. People are classifying a lot of material that should not be classified, with no security justification at all. That seems like a very serious offense to me, yet while the government is trying to catch and prosecute Snowden, I don't see them making any effort to investigate abusers of classification, and I don't hear about any controls or processes being put in place to prevent this. Perhaps the Congress could take the lead in investigating, trying to catch the people who are abusing classification, and finding ways to prevent this in the future.

People in Senator Warren and Representative Capuano's office responded positively. Senator Cowan's staff seems more concerned with preparing for him to depart and doesn't seem interested in policy issues now, so I'll call again after Ed Markey's people are there.

Would you call your Senators and Representative as well? Especially if you're in another state.

You can either call the US Capitol's main number 202-224-3121 and ask to be transferred to any rep or senator, or you can Google for their specific office phone numbers pretty easily.

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