Cos (cos) wrote,

Bringing the beat back politely (please)

The funk is on the loose and it's kicking up sand: Chucklehead is having a reunion show in Cambridge on July 27th!

A Boston funk band from circa 1990 - 1997, and one of my favorite bands from anywhere ever.

If you lived in Boston in the 90s then it's likely you heard them. Especially if you listened to WFNX in the mid-90s, you probably heard this song more than once. If you've been on a long road trip with me, you've probably heard something by them - perhaps the a(flat) traffic jam. Or maybe the opening of their posthumous album Belly Up, possibly the best start to an album I know of, down to the impeccable timing of the segue from the voicemail to the opening beats of Turn Off Your Headlights.

Sixteen years since they went their separate ways, and now they're doing a show at The Middle East (downstairs) in Central Square on Saturday, July 27th.

Put that on your calendar, get tickets, and invite your friends! And listen to a bit of the title track to this LJ post :)

Edit: chanaleh pointed out they have a facebook event for this show.

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