Cos (cos) wrote,

Valerie Cello, May 3rd

Friday, May 3rd, 8:30pm: Valerie Thompson's Graduate Recital at New England Conservatory (Brown Hall)

You may already know that my friend and housemate since 2008, Valerie Thompson, is a musician, a cellist and song and tune writer of breadth and creativity. Likely you've seen or heard or watched a video of her band Goli, a duo with Vessela Stoyanova on electronic marimba. If you haven't, watch one of their signature songs, and see them busking in Quincy Market with an Irish tune. While Val writes most of Goli's songs, with her mix of questioning shyly serious quirkiness as in Alone, Vessela also contributes some Balkan flavor, as in this dark folk song.

Maybe you also know that Valerie tours with Laura Cortese Acoustic Project and Long Time Courting, is in the Elephant Tango Ensemble and the house band for Bent Wit Cabaret, and often performs with various other bands including Molly Zenobia, Sarah Rabdau and the Self-Employed Assassins... and just general has more musical projects going on than anyone else can keep track of.

Goli went to grad school in 2011. Valerie and Vessela both went into the 2-year graduate program in Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory, and now it's almost graduation time.

At NEC Valerie has written new songs (video of "Page in the Book"), collaborated with amazing musicians (video of string quartet from Joe Maneri tribute), and joined ensembles with a wide variety of styles and instruments (video of ensemble piece from Joe Maneri tribute)... and she's going to top it all off with her Graduate Recital on May 3rd, less than a month away.

She'll be accompanied by her classmates and friends Jeff Balter, Anna Patton, Rachel Panitch, Daniel Pencer, Abigale Reisman, Abby Swidler, Petaluma Vale, Vessela Stoyanova and MORE! Plus you get baklvava :)

This is going to be an amazing show! Come! Bring friends!

P.S. Vessela Stoyanova's NEC Graduate Recital is that following Monday, May 6th.

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