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Massachusetts: Important election on April 30th!

Since John Kerry is now Secretary of State, we need to elect a new US Senator from Massachusetts. The primary for this special election will be on Tuesday, April 30th. Don't skip this one; there's a very big contrast between the candidates!

Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch, both of them members of Congress, are running in the Democratic primary. While it's not certain that the winner will become the Senator, it's quite likely. The most recent poll shows it's a race either candidate could win, so take a look at some of the differences in their recent voting record in Congress:

  • Stephen Lynch was one of only 34 Democrats who voted against Obamacare. Ed Markey voted for it.

  • Patriot Act reauthorization, 2011, HR 514: Ed Markey voted against, Stephen Lynch voted in favor

  • FISA Amendments reauthorization, 2012, HR 5949 - extending government power to spy domestically without cause or warrant: Markey voted against, Lynch voted in favor

  • Keystone XL pipeline: Markey voted against, Lynch voted in favor - though was part of a larger bill

  • Reduce military spending, H.Amdt 150: Ed Markey voted in favor, Stephen Lynch voted against

  • End loan guarantees for renewable energy, HR 6213: Ed Markey voted against, Stephen Lynch voted in favor; IOW, Markey wanted renewable energy loan guarantees to continue.

  • End the Afghanistan war last year, H.Res 18: Ed Markey voted in favor, Stephen Lynch voted against

  • End Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act, HR 601: Never got to a vote, but Markey co-sponsored it and Lynch refused to sign on.

Edit: A couple more about Lynch...
  • In 2006, Republicans put forward a resolution opposing a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq. Stephen Lynch was the only one of 10 Representatives from Massachusetts who voted in favor of that resolution.

  • Stephen Lynch was one of only two Massachusetts Representatives to vote in favor of the Stupak Amendment to ban coverage of abortion in health insurance under Obamacare. (Markey voted against it)

Edit: MassEquality endorsed Ed Markey for Congress.

Edit 2: Union endorsements are split, with Lynch getting a lot more, but Markey getting most of the biggest unions (SEIU, AFSCME, NEA+MTA), and the AFL-CIO opting not to endorse in this race.

Markey swept the progressive endorsements:
- Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters,, MA Clean Water Action, National Wildlife Federation
- NARAL Pro-Choice and Planned Parenthood
- Council for a Livable World, Massachusetts Peace Action
- Progressive Mass, Daily Kos, MoveOn, PCCC, Democracy for America, Progressive Democrats of America

One of these two is likely to be the next US Senator from Massachusetts, so please don't skip the vote on April 30th!

Pass it on to other people you know in Massachusetts, especially people who are probably going to vote in the general election on June 30th but might miss the April primary because they don't always pay attention to primaries.

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