Cos (cos) wrote,

Carl Sciortino for Congress!

If Ed Markey's seat becomes vacant (if he gets elected to US Senate, which he's currently running for), State Rep Carl Sciortino will run for that office, he announced today. Rep Sciortino represents a distict covering part of Somerville and part of Medford, and lives in Medford (which is in Markey's district; Somerville is not).

I'll write more about him later, if that seat does open up, but I just wanted to post a short Yay!! now. Carl is my favorite member of the Massachusetts House. He's awesome. Originally elected in 2004 after defeating a 16-year incumbent in the Democratic primary, his first major achievement was saving the Green Line extension early in his first year in office; it was at serious risk of cancellation that year (partly because Romney was Governor). He's also a co-author of the transgender equal rights law that Massachusetts passed last year.

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