Cos (cos) wrote,

Webley Surprise

I was not expecting to see Jason Webley perform a song on stage tonight.

Last time I saw him was a year and a week ago, the day after his 11/11/11 tour finale, but he did not perform that day. He'd started his indefinite hiatus after the 11/11/11 show the evening before. That previous night, I stood at a railing at night on the Seattle waterfront and watched him send his clothes (including hat!) up in a ballon, then swim off to a waiting sailboat. Wondering how long it would be 'til I'd see him perform again.

This evening, I went to a book launch event and reading by Anthony Martignetti, co-hosted by Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman - the two people I was standing at that railing with a year ago. Just before intermission, Jason Webley appeared and did a duet of Icarus with Amanda.

Once again I don't know how long it'll be 'til I see him perform again, but this was an excellent surprise.

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