Cos (cos) wrote,

Valerie's recital, May 3rd

Valerie Thompson, my awesome cello-playing housemate, is completing a graduate program in Contemporary Improvisation at New England Conservatory this spring, and just scheduled her recital for Friday evening, May 3rd. I'm sure I'll post about it again closer to that date, but put it on your calendar now, and plan to come!

Valerie's Goli bandmate Vessela is also completing the same program this spring, so she'll have a recital around that time of year as well, though I don't know when yet. In addition to her own band Goli, where Valerie sings lead and writes most of the songs, she also plays cello in the Laura Cortese Acoustic Project, Long Time Courting, Molly Zenobia's band, and several other ensembles and groups.

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